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Senior Capstone

Senior Capstone is a self-directed learning experience. With guidance from a faculty advisor and a consultant, students will develop a significant research project or senior thesis in a subject area of their choice. It is expected that the project/thesis will be considerably more extensive than the content already covered in any particular course. The Senior Capstone is worth one-half of one credit, and the final grade for the entire project will appear on report cards and transcripts at the end of the first semester of senior year. Progress on Capstone will be tracked in Skyward like any class, with points being awarded based on an established rubric. Capstone is figured into the student’s GPA and failure to complete the requirements will result in a failing grade.
All seniors are required to complete Senior Capstone as a graduation requirement.

The purpose of Senior Capstone is to provide students with the opportunity to share skills and information they have learned in an area of their choosing. Students have a unique opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned through their research. Benefits of the project include the following:

1. Capstone provides a unique learning experience for students.
2. Students direct their own learning.
3. Capstone helps students explore areas for careers or avocations that may be of interest.
4. Students develop skills in critical thinking, independent research, organization, communication, writing and speaking.
5. Students must meet deadlines and demonstrate responsibility.
6. Capstone can be an impressive element of a resume for college acceptance and scholarships.

There are two options to choose from:
1.  Experiment-Based research project
2.   Thesis paper
Regardless of the option chosen, the topic must lend itself to original research. The question for exploration needs to be genuine, significant and problematic. 

1. Experiment-Based research project
a. Project*
b. Paper (8 page minimum)
c. Scientific Evidence (lab reports)
d. Oral Presentation
e. Process Log

2. Thesis
a. Thesis (15 page minimum)
b. Oral Presentation
c. Process Log

* Science-based research projects may be eligible for the Ray Sr. and Maxine Szmanda Science Scholarship.

I will always credit Newman’s Senior Capstone project for my interest in marketing and communications and attribute the superb academics to where I am in my career. Stories like mine are a testament to the investment that Newman makes in their students today.

- Gina Loeffel Singh | Class of 2009

Capstone Forms

The most updated forms, rubrics and schedule can be found in the student's Google Classroom.